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Over 200
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20 Minute Classes

With over 200 classes a week, you will learn to train like an athlete in a variety of disciplines, while keeping it fun and varied.

HiiT Classes

HiiT (High intensity interval Training) classes are short, intense training sessions based on various types of exercise at varied lengths. They are designed to double your metabolic rate and ultimately get the results you want faster.

A 20 min HiiT session is the equivalent to a 1 hour workout!

30 MInute Classes


Fight your way fit with precision and get a full body workout in the ring. Engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will.

Kettle Bells

Develops explosive power and builds strength. Using your whole body and momentum to lift weights, Kettle Bells work everything from your grip to your core.
This extra muscle activity, doesn't just build fast muscle, but also burns calories.


TRX or Suspension Training, improves stability in your joints and core, helping develop balance co-ordination and gain great abs at the same time.
Suspend your body by your hands or feet to create stress in focused areas forcing your body to work harder through movement.

Pad Work

A great way to train all of the main components of fitness, including cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, motor skills and flexibility. After a session with the pads you won't know what HiiT you.


Goes beyond punching and defense. This is where you actually learn to fight. Work on your focus, strength, speed and agility.

60 Minute Classes

Kids Kickboxing

Come and have fun at HiiT studios Kid's kickboxing classes ranging from basic to advanced. Make new friends playing a controlled safe sport and Learn to define your technique with the former world champion and current British Champion, Christian Thomson.

Adult Kickboxing

Learn new skills or improve your technique in martial arts on the DOJO mat, with the former world and current British Champion, Christian Thomson and other world-class Professionals . Classes range from beginners to advanced. Kickboxing is is much more than a great way to keep fit, it’s an art form.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

A flowing and dynamic practice. Classical Yoga postures (asanas) seamlessly linked to encourage awareness of body, mind and breath. A vigorous yet assessable class which will increase your flexibility as well as build your strength.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a ground based martial art which focuses on grappling techniques to lock hold and pin your opponent. It is not just an effective self-defence discipline, it is also a great core strength workout and helps petite people, to use their opponent’s size to their advantage.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing is a powerful form of kickboxing. Using more knees and elbows, Thai Kickboxing increases your strength and helps condition your muscles. A very straight to the point style of kickboxing.

Class Cards

We offer a range of class cards to help you save money and time in booking classes. There are 3 different types of class cards.

Any Class Card - Any 8 classes of any length
20-30 Class Card - 8 x 20-30min Classes
Just 20 Class Card - 8 x 20min Classes

Unlimmited Membership

Unlimited Membership gives you exclusive access to the gym or any classes you want, at any time! It gives you £200 discount to Personal Coaching packages as well as discounts to local boutiques and shops in the area.

We also like to pamper our Unlimited members, treating them to a free massage every 6 consecutive months they are a member, worth £70.

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Other Memberships and Personal Coaching

We also offer Just Gym Memberships for on and off peak times, as well as discounted Student and Corporate Class Cards. Please enquirer at reception for more info and to sign up for these packages.

Personal Coaching is a route to reach your goals faster. Please click here for more information on the packages and prices to train with our ex athletes.

FlexiHiiT Member - Pay Per Class

20 Min Class - £7
30 Min Class - £10
60 Min Class - £15

Just 20 Card - £40

8 x 20 Minute Classes include all of our HiiT Classes which are available every day

20-30 Card - £64

8 x 20min and 30min Classes include, HiiT, Pad Work, Sparring, TRX, Kettlebells and Boxing

Any Class Card - £80

As it says on the Tin!

8 x Any of our classes, any time you want!

Find us

We are based in Bankside 10 mins from the Tate Modern.

We Are Open
Mon - Fri:
6.30am - 10.00pm

8.00am - 6.00pm

HiiT Studios
Moonraker Point,
1 Pocock Street,
London, SE1 0FN

+44 20 7620 0405

Nearest tube station is Southwark on the Jubilee line. Nearest National Rail stations are London Bridge or Waterloo and Waterloo East.

From the North take the A201/Blackfriars Rd, turn left onto Pocock St.

From the West and South take A3202/ Westminster Bridge Rd/, turn left onto the A201/Blackfriars Rd and Pocock st is the 2nd right.

From the East take A3/King William St, turn right into Great Suffolk St and left into Pocock St.